What would you Do ? 🦠

  1. Virus are not living entities [1]
  2. 1 in 3 are deficient in Zinc [6]
  3. Hydrogen peroxide kills viruses in < 2mins [7]
  4. My ninja protocol just in case …

We were having a good week. Each of us including our 🐕 were settling to this new normal. I was closing my rings. My wife was settling into her new diet 🥘.  Mother-in-law had taken over the kitchen. Penny 🐶  and our son were having a blast with all the attention. 

But it is 2020.

A loved one started having the symptoms 🦠. Everyone had been in quarantine for a while. It’s must be a flu 🤧 hoping it is not …. 

Panic started to set in when the pulse oximeter was showing oxygen levels to be 90% (typical 98%). If the mind was allowed to speak, it would be saying OMG OMG. 

Tunnel vision had set in. We were frantically search the web, reaching out to the doctors we knew. Somehow we never thought that anyone of us would get this 🦠🤦‍♂️ . And obviously, we never had a bulletproof plan in case it happened. 

We muddled through a month of craziness 🌊 . It was one family member after the other. The first member is where we had the maximum panic. 

Humans are born with a superpower.

We learn. 

Humans are born with a super power

We learn

We were ready when the second member started to show the signs. We had a trump moment of beating the virus.Second member bounced back into safety pastedGraphic_1.png within a couple of days. 

Like us, you must consumed plenty of articles on internet about remedies which will make you immune to this. Like you, we knew the latest allopathic drugs 💊 by heart. Somewhere in our mind 🧠 we believed this would never happen to us. So once the panic set in, all of these were tossed out of the window. We needed a plan, a protocol. And we needed it now!

Somewhere in our mind 🧠 we believed this would never happen to us.

The protocol below is my plan for my loved ones in the inevitable situation. Talk to your doctor 🥼 before trying any ideas here. With the disclaimer in place, lets become a ninja. 

 BE The NiNJA protocol  

  1. Anti-biotic/malaria
    • We were prescribed an anti-biotic & an anti-malaria drug
      • Azithromycin 
      • Hydroxychloroquine
  2. Zinc [6]
  3. A powerful addition. Best taken as a Zinc-Copper combination 
  4. Megadose Vitamin A,B,C,D [2,9,10]
  1. Vitamin A (retinol & beta-carotene) : Bolus dose (find dosage)
  2. B-complex taken Mornings and Afternoon with food.
  3. 4g vitamin C every 30mins till bowel tolerance is reached. It took 10 doses to reach bowel tolerance in case of this virus. More here https://ctheimpact.life/2020/02/01/c-the-impact/
  4. A generous dose of 20,000 iu split in 2 doses daily. Till symptoms disappear.
  5. Pro Tip 💪 : use Quercetin as a potent anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory [8]
  6. Nebulizer
  7. Nebulize 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide. 5min 3x a day
  8. Ayurvedic kadha 
  9. A decoction of potent Indian spices . [4]
  10. Steam inhalation
  11. Inhale the steam which had a bit of celery seed & turmeric
  12. Electrolytes
  1. Glucose & electrolytes for strength
  2. Pro Tip 💪 : Use Keto Salts/Esters [7]
  3. Magnesium
  4. Combination of Glycinate and Theronate forms, primarily taken at night right before sleeping
  5. Pro-biotics
  6. Restore the gut with good flora 
  7. 10. Soups
  8. Perfect food for the flu😷  

“Wow! That is a lot 😲 “ exclaimed a friend. 

The virus is real. 

The impact on the body is severe. 

Living in denial has consequences. Prepare like a ninja  … Just in case this sneaky zombie shows up.  

Living in denial has consequences.

I set aside my doubting Thomas a long time back. I invite you to do the same. Your open-ness may save a loved one. Now lets get into the nuts and bolts


  • Anti-oxidants
  • Anti-biotic/Anti-malaria

Cadet, Your first ninja assignment is :

1. Shut down the cytokine storm 🌪 

2. Eliminate the virus 🦠 

We have two kind of immune cells (warriors). One which reduces inflammation and the other which promotes it, like a bomb 💣 squad. Now the bomb squad is let loose in this viral infection. This is a bad state. To restore balance ⚖️ we need our unit to calm down. 

One of the most effective way to shut down this storm is use of anti-oxidants (eg Vitamin C). Multiple frontline doctors [] recommend it in intravenous form, but given we do not have access to it, the oral form is recommended. 

The most effective anti-oxidant at home strategy is oral vitamin C unto bowel tolerance[2]. 

The other potent anti-oxidant is derived from skin of fruits and vegetables 🍅. Quercetin [3] is one of them and is being actively researched in couple of clinical trials. Want to be recruited ?

Now the bomb squad is in control, let’s get these zombies🧟‍♀️🤺 .

ℤ𝕟 If the elements of the periodic table were humans 👨 , they would be all jealous of the attention Zinc got in this pandemic 😝 . Its immune protective properties are well proven. It protects the the lung integrity, prevents the virus from replicating, provides an anti-inflammatory response etc. Given every third human is deficient in zinc, Don’t skip this one. 

A fun-fact about Zinc. Taking zinc messes your sense of smell 👃. Some folks have a loss of smell and in case of wifey, her sense of smell became like 🐶 . Previously she used to remember everything, and now she could even smell any junk food I wanted to eat in secret. I had to find a way out. Luckily you can get a Zinc-Copper supplement which alleviates that super-power💥 .

👨‍⚕️The white coats realized that they can neutralize this virus with a combination of Antibiotic/Anti-malaria and Zinc. It does really cool science stuff inside us. Some of those are changing pH levels, anti-oxidant activity of zinc, prevent secondary infections etc. I will leave it between you and your doc to debate about hydroxychloroquine. This is a cheap cheap drug. Read between the lines.

🐽The idea to inhale medicine using a nebulizer is very common in the medical world. The machine converts medicine into fine droplets which get effectively absorbed through the lungs. As the virus 🦠  primarily attacks the lungs, One of the biohacking doctors theorized that inhaling a n anti-viral would clear up your respiratory tract of the virus. 

Hydrogen peroxide (3% food grade) is very well known to kill “ALL” known forms of corona viruses within a minute [5]. This is a textbook fact !. A food grade and 3% Concentration is advised. 

If you don’t have a nebulizer, a mouth wash with hydrogen peroxide has been shown to be effective to clear the virus in your mouth.

Fun Fact about the lungs. The air sacs in our lungs if opened up will cover a soccer field ⚽️ 😲 .

Boost ⚔️ 

  • Energy
  • Gut Restoration
  • Stress
  • Immunity boosting

Cadet, the second assignment is to recover like Trump 😜

⚡️One of the first things you would notice is the extreme weakness in the impacted person. The body is at war, all resources are diverted to fight the zombies. Now the best way found to manage weakness is use of Ketone Esters[7] (very expensive 😮 ). It boosts the energy instantaneously. Most patients have diarrhea along with covid-19. I believe in those case the cost effective Ketone salts provide energy and the electrolytes at fraction of that cost.

🚽  >70% of folks who had this infection had diarrhea. Likely the gut bacteria is messed by use of anti-biotics. So let’s get some real good probiotics (100 billion CFU’s), some form of yogurt, kimchi etc after the infection has subsided to fix the gut.

😰 Your immediate circle recognizes you as a happy go lucky person. That perception changes overnight once someone gets infected. The happy face becomes pale and stressed overnight. The stress is real. 

Luckily we have strategies to deal with it. Mega-dose Vitamins and Magnesium are well known to combat the stress. You will heal but the journey will be bumpy without planning for stress.

Most times we are not at war. So if your army is not given bullets, it is ok. No major issue. But if you don’t give bullets to your army in a war, it is a disaster. This is the same analogy for minerals in vitamins. We need a lot in a crisis. Don’t skimp on this. Your body will thank you. 

Next up are a few potent Ayurvedic techniques to super-charge your immune system:

🌿 A combination of potent spices found in every Indian family is boiled and drank [4]. This humble drink is being consumed religiously by almost every Indian family during this pandemic. Infact the immune boosting spices are the basis for many cutting edge research.  

Breathing  quickly becomes a big issue with this virus. Apart from nebulizing, I have witnessed almost magical results with inhaling the steam from a pot of water with celery seed & turmeric. When this simple remedy was suggested my skeptical mind wanted to disregard it as pseudo-science but the results could not be brushed aside. With only a couple of times of inhalation during the day, the breathing improved significantly. 

Simple is powerful. This was a fitting example to me.

Simple is powerful 

When Fight-flight is active, Rest-digest systems are put on the back burner. Eating easy to digest foods is very important. 🍲 Hot soups is ideal for colds and flu. 


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