C the impact

Never, ever fall sick again with this biohack

A protocol to use when you are sick to bounce back quickly
  • When dealing with cold/flu, vitamin C is advised
  • Using vitamin C in higher doses using a timed protocol can reduce your downtime significantly … mind blowing significantly
  • Oral high dose vitamin C is the simplest (cheapest) way for rapid recovery at home
  • Flu Facts:

    • The influenza (spanish flu) that followed World War I killed 50 million. 3X more than those died from War itself. [1]
    • ~1million people hospitalized due to flu in USA during 2017-18 outbreak season [2]
    • Each year 5-20% of Americans get a flu [3]
    • $10billion+ spent in hospitalizations every year due to flu. The number varies. CDCF reports $87B cost per year [4]
    • Corona virus strain (COVID-19) paralyses the world [5]

    COVID-19😷 has impacted every living thing on this planet. The Spanish flu during WW-I had a similar impact. 50million died (🤯) compared to about 100,000 due to COVID-19. A third of population of earth contracted Spanish flu. The fatality rate was 2%. While the number of deaths due to the seasonal flu are not pandemic, but the numbers are still significant.. The WHO reports 3-5million people fall severely sick every year. [6]  

    I have had my share of flu episodes every year 🤧. I tried many conventional and un-conventional therapies (A fun list of my experiments over the years will be a fun blog to write). Some helped a bit, most did nothing. I was desperate for a simple protocol which works. Family and friends would give well-meaning advice of salt-water gargling, drink brandy 🙂 , drink soup 🍜, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc…😴 

    If you have been sick you will know that such well meaning advice can get quite irritating 🤬. It is easy to get flared up hearing them. One could try many things but when you have a sinus blocked you become desperate 🤧. I wanted that ONE thing which will bring results. After much years of experimenting the universe gave in. I came across knowledge hidden in plain sight (hidden by fear ? ). If you can afford $10, you can save yourself or your munchkin bundles of kleenex.   

    Ctheimpact protocol has been clinically tested & created by stalwarts of medicine. You will hear a lot of naysayers. I am relaying the truth these courageous scientists found and have been repeatedly ostracized by the conventional medical community. (If it costs $10 and cannot be patented, where is the mojo.)

    Much of the controversy about Vitamin C has been due to studies utilizing totally inadequate doses.


    The protocol is taking vitamin C orally in relatively high doses (2000mg would be a single dose). In flu, the recommendation is to take this dose every 20-30mins till flatulence💨, abdominal gas or mild diarrhea🚽. This dosage is way higher than the recommended daily allowance (60mg). Consider this, if you are a daily wage worker and life is stable $50 per day would be good. But when having a layoff or sickness you need more money. Maybe a lot of money 💰. The scientists/doctors had an insight in the same flow. The body can tolerate much much higher doses of Vitamin C when we are sick (Upto 200,000mg in some cases). Vitamin C is the molecule carried around by our Warrior blood cells (WBC). That’s their Ammo🤜.

    The body can tolerate much higher doses of Vitamin C when we are sick

    A typical nerd flow can make this protocol clear.

    My typical experience with flu is 6-7 doses and I fart. This is where I know, I got to 🛑. There was one case when I had to take 20 doses to reach the same scenario. I was tired taking so many doses 😵. But at the end of it, I had no body aches, throat pain would have subsided etc. The research of Robert Cathacart III has shown that flu symptoms reduce 80-90% when you reach this metabolic state called bowel tolerance [9]. I have experienced the truth of his research many times and invite you to discover the magic of our bodies.

    Having diarrhea is not a joke. But the diarrhea we face if we use high doses of Vitamin C is a mild osmotic diarrhea which is quite benign [10]. Water rushes into the intestines to wash out the excess vitamin C. Whenever this happens to me, I drink some electrolytes (salt + 🍋) and rest.

    While the best thing in life is not to fall sick. The second best is to recover as soon as we can.Personally I have used this protocol for half a decade on myself, my family and friends. The results have been truly phenomenal. I have saved not just myself, but even my child (smaller doses) countless number of times. If one is diligent and humble (note humble), using this protocol you can save yourself within hours of having that scratchy feeling in the throat.

    The best thing in life is not to fall sick. The second best is to recover as soon as we can.

    Given the pandemic(s), I would recommend everyone to have this power in their home arsenal.

    FAQs about Vitamin C

    1. Are there any adverse reactions to taking this high doses of Vitamin C
      1. No deaths have ever been reported due to taking vitamin C [7], even in such high doses. Infact Intravenous (IV) Vitamin C is routinely used in Cancer treatment.
    2. I have heard too much Vitamin C can cause kidney stones.
      1. There was a study which suggested this. The devil is in the details. The odds for this conclusion is falls in the category for scientific bias. One has 0.15% chance of having stone was the conclusion. While we already know the study did not track diet which is quite well known cause for stones (read oxalate diets).
      2. Read more in the reference below [8]
    3. What are forms of vitamin C
      1. Ascorbic acid: This is acidic so some people feel queasy in drinking this. This is the form most research has been conducted on humans.
      2. Ascorbate : With reaction with a base, we get salts which are pH neutral. I personally take these as I don’t have to worry about my teeth and my stomach is sensitive. Buy in bulk. A pound of this costs $20. Inexpensive. Thank you Linus Pauling for making this popular and accessible!
      3. Calcium ascorbate : Stay away from this one. Marketing trick here.
      4. Vitamin C with bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are really cool but when we are taking vitamin C in high doses, these tablets can get pricey. Caveat Emptor.
    4. What about GMO vitamin C?
      1. There are rare cases where I would give into anything Genetically modified. The industry has found a way to make Vitamin C using a Genetically modified bacteria which feeds on corn. Most vitamin C sources uses GMO.Read that label. Luckily, GMO Vitamin C has been found to be as effective as natural ones as they are chemically identical. I still choose non-GMO as they sell $20 for a pound.
    5. What is liposomal Vitamin C?
      1. The Pharma industry has a unique drug delivery mechanism where they coat a drug using a lipid. This lipid or fat is absorbed by the stomach lining without going through the process of digestion. Liposomal vitamin C uses this unique technology. There are many doctors (Thomas Levy) who swear by it. As it is a bit pricey, I haven’t invested in this. I do use it for my child when I find it hard to give too many oral doses.
    6. How do you give so many doses to children ?
      1. Kids like to play. Even when they are sick. We load up a plastic syringe (5ml) with vitamin C and shoot it down their throat as a game. He loves it.
    7. With or without food ?
      1. I prefer to take this with food.
      2. My TCM doctor advised to take with lot of ginger. Ginger helps digestion. Smart. New supplement idea 💡

    FDA Disclaimer:

    I am not a medical professional. Please talk to your doctor before trying any medicines/supplements. This blog is anecdotal and sharing my personal experiences. Do your own research and be responsible for your own actions.


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