About Me

Human sickness is what motivates me to write. To wake up one day and see no one is sick is a day I strive for. Will you join me in this dream !

I grew up in a village. An idyllic village with a main road, a post office. Somehow we got lucky and our village had a railway station. When I was a kid (even now 😌) my favorite pastime was to climb over the porch and stare at the trains going beyond the paddy fields. When I am nostalgic about my childhood, my dreams are filled with trains going past our village home.

The railway station eventually took me to my graduate school in Chennai (IIT),✈️ to Texas to do my doctoral and now settled in Silicon Valley in a career in high tech. The craze of the valley is exhilarating. But the impact on health of individuals became painfully evident. Hypertension, obesity, Cancer are so common place.

When I enquired back home, every other elder back home had some disease. Something was not right. I started enquiring into nature of these sicknesses and have realized that it is diet, exercise, lifestyle and meditation can “cure” most of these.

In these blog posts I would place an idea which I have personally tested and verified over long period of testing and verification. I am the first guinea pig 🐷 and next come my family 😇. They happily oblige … mostly 😝.

Connect with me here and hopefully we can realize the utopian dream of a sickness free world !

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